How does CLS work...

CLS provides the full range of products for the protection of your funds


CLS will issue a key & lock plan according to your requirements and security concepts.

Whenever possible, CLS coordinates the factory fitting of the locks with the various manufacturers. Costs will be saved by having one system installed by all the different suppliers to your casino. In order to guarantee a smooth installation CLS also ships its toolset which is a mobile workshop with the delivery of goods.

Apart from all the necessary tools, the toolset contains extra locks of all the models. These can be used for on-site installation of extra lock positions should that be necessary. Just before the opening specialists of CLS come on site to fit the last locks. All the different coded lock-plugs are installed into the lock-housings.


Accessory parts or equipment are installed like key safes, cash and tip boxes, trolleys and others. At the end of the installation process, the responsible technicians of the casino receive a technical training. The keys in operation and spare keys are organised in the keysafes and the systems master/installations key is handed over.

CLS locking systems can be easily maintained by the local technicians. Thus the casino is self-supporting and does not need a service contract nor the return of CLS specialists to the site.

CLS offers another major advantage with a special Quick Change Core-key. If a lock code has to be changed due to loss of a key or based on new procedures, cores and keys with a new code can be installed in the casino in seconds with a special Quick Change Core-key without having to dismantle and re-assemble the entire lock from the machine.